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Superior Carbide-Tipped Circular Saw Blades

Experienced craftsman, carpenters, and contractors understand the quality of their woodworking is directly linked to the types of saw blades they’re using. Manufactured by York Saw & Knife, one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry, LUXITE carbide-tipped saw blades improve results while lasting far longer than the competition. These American-made circular saw blades for miter saws and table saws come available as crosscut saw blades, rip saw blades or combination blades for exceptional cutting performance in woodworking and other applications.

Every LUXITE® saw blade is manufactured with pride in our York, PA facility. Our long-lasting circular carbide-tipped saw blades are suitable for cutting wood, plastics, laminates, veneer, Teflon™ and other non-stick coated surfaces, plasterboard and polypropylene.

Why Use Luxite Circular Saw Blades?

LUXITE VPD carbide-tipped saw blades provide a superior finish cut as well as:

  • Better dimensional control
  • Minimal blade vibration and noise
  • Lower cost and material loss
  • Higher feed rate without overfeed problems
  • We have 10″ & 12″ sizes of all of our blades
  • Smooth cuts for professional woodworking

Our exclusive variable-pitch, variable depth tooth design (VPD) eliminates the harmonic effect experienced with conventional saw blades and their singular pitch and tooth design. With LUXITE VPD circular saw blades, you’re assured of blade strength, longevity and performance. Whether you need circular saw blades for wood cutting, finishing work or a variety of other jobs, there’s a LUXITE carbide-tipped saw blade suited to your requirements. All of our blades are manufactured in the USA and will work with table and miter saws made by most major brands.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I’ve owned a small contracting business for over 30 years, and now I teach carpentry at a local trade school. In those years, I’ve used dozens of circular saw blades from major brands. This past year I tried Luxite’s blades for the first time. I teach a morning and afternoon class with 28 students total, who run the saws every day. The two blades I purchased, a combination blade for our table saw and a crosscut blade for the miter saw were still  being used on the last day of classes, 9 months after installing them. Generally in a school year, we go through 6-8 blades per saw. This past year, for the two saws we ran Luxite blades on, we only used one. These are by far the longest lasting blades I’ve used. The blades do cut a hair slower than others I’ve used, but the durability is unmatched. The cuts are clean, and have virtually no tearout even after 9 months of use. Luxite’s carbide tip blades will be the go-to for my classes and business moving forward.

— Greg Barger

What Are Carbide Saw Blades Used For?

Carbide saw blades are used by woodworkers and craftsmen for precision cuts for projects that require minimal to no tear out, such as cabinet making or furniture building. Circular carbide tip blades are generally used with miter and table saws.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your woodworking capabilities, consider the primary benefits of carbide-tipped blades by Luxite Saw.

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Benefits of Carbide Tip Blades

  • Reduced kerf tearout – The precision cut of a carbide-tipped blade helps to avoid kerf tearout for smoother and more precise cuts. You spend less time fixing errors and finishing surfaces while minimizing material waste.
  • Impressive durability – The carbide used to manufacture LUXITE saws is far stiffer than steel. The result is a longer-lasting blade capable of consistent performance in rigorous cutting applications. You won’t have to change your blade as often, saving you time and money over the long term.
  • Improved cutting results – Carbide-tipped blades start off sharper and remain sharp much longer than steel alternatives. A sharper edge means less chipping and shattering with a higher feed rate. Carbide is so strong it will typically cut through debris found in hardwoods, particleboard and other materials that would likely destroy a regular blade.
  • Extended use – When carbide-tipped teeth start to round off and lose some of their bite, it’s easy to return them to peak condition. Rather than having to replace the blade, all you need to do is sharpen it from time to time when it gets dull.
  • American-made quality – LUXITE carbide-tipped circular saw blades are manufactured in the United States using premium materials. Each blade is carefully crafted and meticulously tested to ensure it will meet and exceed your highest expectations.

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Manufacturing Luxite Saw Blades

LUXITE® is the only US saw blade manufacturer to make its entire product start to finish. This means our saw blades are designed, engineered and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in York, Pennsylvania. Our manufacturing includes laser and water-jet cutting, heat treating, custom automated grinding, and Comp-U-Level flattening. Saw bodies are laser cut, heat treated, machine flattened, tipped and sharpened all in-house. We use specifically formulated steel to bring the industry’s highest-quality saw blade to the market.

Teeth are brazed to the saw plate and sharpened using precision machine automation. The same vari-pitch, vari-depth tooth design used on your LUXITE saw blade is used on our industrial sawmill blades as well. We took designs used in the commercial lumber industry and combined them with extensive research in the high-end woodworking industry to produce the LUXITE VPD designs. The LUXITE VPD designs bring the highest grade commercial cut to the professional woodworker.

Because of our total control of the manufacturing process, LUXITE VPD saw blades deliver superior performance and eliminate the harmonic effect often experienced with standard saw blades, including vibration and noise that cause uneven cutting effects, and most importantly, premature wear of the cutting tip. All of our saw blades are manufactured with Carbide teeth made to our specifications for ultimate blade longevity and the cleanest cut available for each cutting application.

Have Questions About Our Blades?

If you have questions about our blades, contact us today. Our experienced team of blade experts will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide assistance choosing the top-quality circular saw blade for your unique requirements.