Table Saw Blades

Our table saw blades are manufactured with precision technology to ensure strength and sharpness that lasts for years. All of our saw blades are made in a variety of sizes and tooth options and will fit most types of table saws. You can count on Luxite Saw to meet your saw blade needs with the highest quality products available — all at an affordable price point. Our Luxite table saw blades are available in 10-inch and 12-inch varieties.

Recommended Blades For Table Saws:

Which Table Saw Blade Is Right for You?

We carry three primary types of high-quality Luxite saw blades for table saws. Each of these blades can be ordered to fit table saws that require 10 or 12-inch blades. These varieties include:

  • Rip bladesDesigned for ripping wood with the grain only. Use this blade for a project that requires numerous cuts of the same type — for example, ripping many boards to a specific width.
  • Combination blades: Designed for projects that require both ripping and cutting. We recommend this solution for most table saw applications.
  • Crosscut blades: These blades are designed to cut across the grain of the wood. Although these blades are typically used on miter saws, they can also be employed on table saws that are used solely for crosscuts.

To ensure your safety when you use a table saw, avoid using rip blades for crosscutting and vice versa.

luxite blade on a saw stop table saw

Will Luxite Blades Fit My Table Saw?

Table saws are typically used for ripping boards vertically along the natural grain of the wood, including long pieces of lumber like 2x4s, OSB, plywood and more. Luxite blades fit most table saws that require 10-inch blades as well as some 12-inch models.

We recommend using Luxite blades for table saws because they feature safe, precise cutting capabilities. Our Luxite blades feature an arbor hole of 1 inch for 12-inch blades and 5/8 of an inch for 10-inch blades.

Our Luxite 10-inch blades work with any table saw that takes this blade diameter and a 5/8-inch arbor hole, such as:

  • The DEWALT 10-inch 15 Amp Compact Job Site Table Saw
  • AvantiPRO 10-inch x 60-Tooth Fine Finish Saw Blades
  • The RYOBI 10-inch Portable Table Saw

The Luxite 12-inch blades are compatible with 12-inch table saws that use a 1-inch arbor hole, such as:

  • The Grizzly Industrial 12-inch 5 HP 220-Volt Extreme Table Saw
  • The Dayton Cabinet Table Saw 49G997 OIPM

Questions About Our Blades?

York Saw & Knife is an industry leader in innovative saw blade technology. We manufacture high-quality precision saw blades designed to meet the needs of professionals in the woodworking and carpentry industries all over the world. All of our products are 100% American-made, highly durable and long-lasting, which means you can get the job done right every time.

If you work with wood products and need top-quality table saw blades to fit your shop’s needs, browse our selection of 10-inch and 12-inch Luxite saws online. You can also give us a call with any questions at 1-800-654-7297.

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