Meat and Food Processing Blades

blades for processing fish, shrimp and other seafood
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Meat and Food Processing Blades and Knives

Cutting applications play an integral role in virtually every stage of food processing. Whether you’re cutting and grinding together ingredients or slicing fresh meat and seafood into different cuts and portions, York Saw & Knife can help.  We can manufacture food-contact safe machine knives and saw blades for virtually any food processing or packaging application.

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We’ve been in the business for over a century, providing superior-quality industrial cutting solutions for OEMs and end users at a price that makes sense for your bottom line. All of our blades are designed and manufactured using exceptionally strong and long-lasting materials at our York, PA, facility.

Standard and Custom-Made Food Processing Blades and Knives

Using the right cutting equipment helps speed up processes and improve product quality while reducing waste and downtime. We offer standard solutions such as meat band saw blades and seafood processing blades engineered for your applications and we also provide custom knives and blades manufactured to your unique specifications. Whether you need a replacement for an old and dull knife or you want an upgrade for your OEM custom fleshing blade, you’re sure to find solutions that solve all of your food processing cutting challenges.

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Our selection of food and meat processing blades include:

  • Circular Industrial Knives: York Saw & Knife Co, Inc. offers circular saws custom-configured with blade material, edge profile, coatings and treatments based on your processing requirements. Our circular meat and seafood processing blades are ideal for producing exceptionally clean and smooth surface cuts with optimal efficiency. We offer a variety of tooth configurations including Standard V, Vari-Depth V, Hi/Lo V, Scalloped, Peg Style, Slant Tooth and Double-Double Sharp.
  • Cutoff Blades: York Saw & Knife Co, Inc. cutoff blades provide the ultimate cutting edge for butchering, bakery and many other food processing applications such as fruit or vegetable processing. Our experienced team takes your processing requirements into account to tailor-make a cutoff knife with the ideal blade materials and edge configuration. If you’re experiencing troubles with incomplete cuts, dulling blades or sub-par knife performance, inquire about our free test cutting service to identify the most efficient solution.
  • Straight Blades: Meat processing blades need to stay sharp to provide the clean cuts you require. York Saw & Knife Co, Inc. utilizes our extensive experience and technical expertise to produce a superior straight knife for food-cutting applications. Whether you need a stainless steel knife with a square edge or a ceramic blade with a single bevel sharp edge, we’ll deliver a solution for preparing, processing and packaging food.

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Food Processing, Packaging & More

Regardless of what machine you need blades for, York Saw & Knife can help. We work with those in the food industry to help streamline both food packaging and processing applications.  Our blades are trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide in the automated food processing and packaging industry. This is a sector we have served for years. Whether you’re a local butcher or a Fortune 500 company, York Saw can supply the blades you need to keep your machines cutting efficiently.

Choose York Saw for Your Custom Food Processing Blades

York Saw and Knife can outfit your meat slicer, bagel cutters, and more. Our manufacturing system for producing food processing knives and blades is one of the most flexible in the world, and we can produce premier product prototypes in significantly less time than industry standards.

Not sure which food processing blades and knives are right for you? Our team can help. We have experience designing blades for processing seafood, beef, and other food and meats. Contact us to request assistance from a knowledgeable member of our team.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I just wanted to pass along some good news to you and a big “thank you”. We were recently able to test the knife that you supplied us for our “hard-to-cut” material. The “puncture and tear” method that works with other materials would not work with this material.  We had to have a complete cut and this knife provided exactly what we needed without making any machine modifications.  Thank you for all of your time and assistance with this project.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have been buying custom manufactured saws and knives from York Saw and Knife for over 35 years and have always found their quality and customer service to be exceptional.

– Emil Kiss, Paco Winders

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