Paper Cutting Blades

With our paper cutting blades, you receive precise cuts from a knife that has an exceptional cutting edge, hardness and quality. And at York Saw and Knife Co, Inc., we’ve been designing and manufacturing blades for end users and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for more than a century at our U.S. facility in York, Pennsylvania.

Industrial Machine Knives for Paper Cutting Applications

Our in-house team creates several specialty blades for paper cutting, including:

  • Circular Blades: Choose our circular blades for multiple applications, from scoring to perforating. Our engineers tailor these knives to your specifications. Whether you want a toothless or toothed blade, we can manufacture it. We also offer different materials to choose from as well as tooth configurations or edge styles based on your blade type.
  • Guillotine Cutter Knives: Guillotine knives are commonly used for paper cutting applications. Our guillotine knives feature a handful of tooth configurations to achieve the precision cuts you need when cutting paper.
  • Cutoff Blades: Incorporate the precision and quality of our cutoff blades into your paper operation. We offer these specialty blades for paper cutting in several materials, including ceramic and 52100, and we can configure their edges to your unique needs. If you already have guillotine knives but they’re underperforming or giving you problems, our team can test them for free.
  • Straight Blades: Get some of the cleanest, most efficient cuts with our cost-effective straight blades. Whether you need to slice, slit, score, crease, cut or trim paper, you can depend on these paper cutting blades, which are ready for customization. Choose from materials that range from high carbon to D-2, as well as edge configurations that include double blunt and double sharp.
  • Paper Tube Blades: Handle tubes of paper with our paper tube blades. These industrial machine knives feature a Chrome Vanadium Steel build as well as a 49-52 Rockwell hardness rating. Our team can provide custom tooth grinding and blade widths for these knives as well as same-day shipping for an in-stock replacement.

Benefits of Buying of Perforating Blades For Paper From York Saw

Trusting our team for industrial blades offers several benefits:

  • No order minimum
  • Cost-effective services
  • Free product quotes
  • In-house staff
  • U.S.-made specialty blades for paper cutting
  • Superior lead times

Lead time speeds tend to be 50 to 70 percent faster than other suppliers.

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At York Saw and Knife Co, Inc., we offer more than 100 years of experience creating and manufacturing industrial blades. If you’re searching for quality paper cutting blades, call our family-owned and operated business today at 1-800-233-1969, or contact us online.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I just wanted to pass along some good news to you and a big “thank you”. We were recently able to test the knife that you supplied us for our “hard-to-cut” material. The “puncture and tear” method that works with other materials would not work with this material.  We had to have a complete cut and this knife provided exactly what we needed without making any machine modifications.  Thank you for all of your time and assistance with this project.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have been buying custom manufactured saws and knives from York Saw and Knife for over 35 years and have always found their quality and customer service to be exceptional.

– Emil Kiss, Paco Winders

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