How Do We Do That? Reverse Engineering Explained

Have a knife, but not sure of the specifications? Think your knife is a challenge to duplicate? Not a problem!  Whatever your application, machine, or material York Saw and Knife is able to work with you to reverse engineer a solution for you.  We can design and produce a knife for you with the ultimate cutting edge.

How We Take Your Product and Recreate It — Our Reverse Engineering Process

The idea of reverse engineering stems from a systematic approach to determine how a product works by analyzing its design and intended use. After receiving a sample of the knife from you, the skilled, experienced team at York Saw & Knife Co, Inc. will perform a series of tests on it to begin the reverse engineering process. Our methodology for performing reverse engineering processes includes:

First, using an optical comparator to confirm certain specifications — for example, angles for a serrated edge knife.

Optical Comparameter
Optical Comparator


Next, we use Rockwell testing machines to identify the hardness of your blade for exact duplication of R/C.  We can also offer certified metallurgical analysis when the material is unknown.


Finally, micrometers and other precision measuring instruments are used to obtain all the critical dimensions, such as thickness of the blade and pinhole sizes. Below are two videos of this process.


To finalize the process, a compilation of these dimensions and steel attributes are submitted to Engineering/Estimating to prepare a detailed quotation. From there, we’ll work closely with you to find appropriate manufacturing plans and materials to duplicate your item according to your exact specifications.

Diagram on computer

Do You Need an Exact Duplicate of a Specific Knife or Blade? Contact York Saw & Knife Co, Inc. Today for Reverse Engineering Solutions

To guarantee you receive quality products that meet the exact specifications of a particular bladed item, trust the team at York Saw & Knife Co, Inc. today to develop an effective reverse engineering plan. We will carefully examine your item and create customized solutions that meet your exact product needs and budget.

Please contact us today and send us your samples for a reverse engineering evaluation. We’ll respond quickly to your request with our recommendations for your cutting applications to ensure lasting results, quality and performance.

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