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Replacement Bandsaw Tires for Sale

Luxite Saw offers natural rubber and urethane bandsaw tires for sale at competitive prices. Manufactured in the USA of premium quality materials, each bandsaw tire is designed for long-lasting, smooth performance and fits a variety of band saw brands. We also carry adhesive for rubber bandsaw tires. Our recommended bandsaw tire glue is 3M Brand Scotch Weld®.  All of our bandsaw tires can be easily purchased through our website, but we also have a selection available on Amazon.

In our inventory, we feature over 10 sizes of bandsaw tires for an option that fits virtually any size wheel. These tires can be stretched to size for a tight fit on bandsaws made by most leading manufacturers.

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Bandsaw Tire FAQs

Do they come in pairs?

No all bandsaw tires are sold online individually.
Do I need to buy glue?
We recommend also buying the 3m adhesive if you order rubber tires. If you order urethane, you will not need adhesive.

What’s the difference between urethane and rubber tires?

The main are that  urethane bandsaw tires tend to be more expensive and they do not dry rot in dry climates. Rubber tires also require adhesive.

I need a different width than what your website says, what can I do?
Our rubber bandsaw tires can be cut to width to fit different size wheels.

What’s the smallest size you sell?

The smallest size we sell is a 10” bandsaw tire. We have these in both urethane and rubber.

What’s the largest size you sell?

The largest size we sell is a 38” bandsaw tire. This is only available in rubber. 20” is the largest urethane tire we sell.

How do I install my bandsaw tire?

Each bandsaw tire comes with an installation guide. Learn more about installation here.

A Leading Replacement Bandsaw Tire Supplier

If you have a need for a new bandsaw tire, look no further than Luxite Saw. We’re known for selling high-quality replacement bandsaw tires. All products sold by Luxite Saw are made proudly in the USA.

Our bandsaw tires are designed to fit bandsaw wheels from a huge array of manufacturers.  If you have a question about what bandsaw tire is right for you or if a particular size fits your saw, contact our support team today and we’re happy to help!