Urethane Vs Rubber Band Saw Tires

urethane vs rubber band saw tires

Whether you’re a carpenter, contractor or skilled craftsman, choosing the right woodworking equipment plays a significant role in the quality of your work. While it’s critical when using a band saw to identify the optimal size tire based on the type of machine and cutting applications, selecting the correct tire material is just as important. From improved performance and safety to lower costs and reduced downtime, you’ll be glad you took the time to learn the difference between urethane and rubber band saw tires.


TypeAdhesive Needed?Cost for 20 Inch TireComments
RubberScotch-Weld ($30.64)$42.04Can dry rot in dry climates.
UrethaneNone$45.75Doesn't dry rot. Has increased abrasion resistance.


Long the standard for woodworking professionals, cost-effective rubber band saw tires now face stiff competition from its urethane counterparts. While they typically don’t last as long as urethane products, quality rubber band saw tires are less prone to grooving and offer exceptional strength, durability and wear consistency.

A primary advantage of rubber band saw tires is that they stretch in place for a perfect fit and offer versatility — they work with virtually any type of portable or stationary vertical band saws. Some rubber tires can even be cut to fit the width of a non-standard wheel.


Rubber band saw tires might be slightly more flexible for certain cutting machines, but urethane offers many other advantages that make it a popular choice for professional and hobbyist woodworkers. Urethane band saw tires are extremely long lasting, often providing even more significant value than lower-cost plastic alternatives over the long haul.

While installing rubber band saw tires require the use of a special adhesive that can be messy and time-consuming, urethane tires practically slide right on and stay in place without glue. Whether you’re setting up a new saw or replacing the tire on an older one, the process is quicker and easier for increased productivity and efficiency.

Choosing the Band Saw Tire That’s Right for You

Now that you know the primary differences between rubber and urethane band saw tires, it’s easy to identify which type makes the most sense for your operation. Woodworkers should take into account everything from the machines you’re cutting with, and the thickness of the blade to how often you need to replace band saw tires and your spending budget. If you’re not sure which product to choose, the professionals at Luxite Saw are available to provide expert product guidance and assistance.

When you choose a rubber or urethane band saw tire from Luxite Saw, you’re getting a quality-manufactured product designed to offer exceptional performance and longevity. Our tires are made in the U.S.A. and come with a free installation guide. Visit us online to learn more about our complete selection of woodworking products, and contact us today for more information and assistance with placing an order.