How to Install Band Saw Tires

how to install a bandsaw tire infographic

Whether you use a band saw for commercial construction and contracting or carpentry and custom woodworking, replacing the band saw tires when necessary is crucial for maintaining your machines. By conducting regular visual inspections of the tire, you can spot cracks and other signs of damage that indicate it’s time for a new tire. The following tips on how to install rubber and urethane band saw tires ensure you can get the job done right.


To get started replacing the tire on your band saw, take off the hood and remove the saw blade, so you have an unimpeded path to the tire. Now use a screwdriver or knife to pull the tire off the rim, making sure to scrape away and clean off any leftover glue, residue or chunks of old rubber. Finally, clean the surface of the rim and dry it thoroughly to ready it for installation.

How to Install Rubber Tires

To install a rubber band saw tire, you’ll need the replacement tire, recommended adhesive, a small piece of pipe with a ½-inch to 1-inch diameter and a C-clamp with scratch wood. Pull the tire over the edge of the rim on one side, clamp it in place using the C-clamp and wood and then stretch it to the other side, repeating the clamping process.

Next, stretch the rest of the length of the rubber tire to fit snugly over the rim. Now that the rubber tire is on the rim, insert the pipe to create separation between the rubber and the metal. Dab a small amount of glue to a piece of scrap wood and apply to the tire and wheel surface working your way around the circumference. Repeat the process a second time, and then leave it to dry for 24 hours or more.  Below is a picture of a bandsaw tire installed on a large bandsaw.

band saw tire installation

How to Install Urethane Tires

The beautiful thing about installing urethane tires is you don’t have to use an adhesive or many tools. All you need is the tire and a little bit of arm strength. To make the urethane materials easier to work with, soak the tire in warm water between 110° and 120° F for five to ten minutes.

Then, remove it from the water, dry with a towel and stretch the urethane tire over the metal rim, working it into place as you go. Wait until the tire is completely cool.

Your installation is now complete, and you’re ready to get back to work.

Final Thoughts on Installing Band Saw Tires

Replacing your band saw tires is easy, as long as you use quality products and follow the instructions provided. When you shop for woodworking supplies from Luxite Saw, you benefit from durable, high-performance band saw tires backed by unmatched product knowledge and technical support. For more about our product line and how to install rubber or urethane band saw tires, visit us online or call us at 1.800.654.7297 for additional details. View our made in the USA rubber bandsaw tires and urethane bandsaw tires here! We also offer glue for rubber bandsaw tires!