Saw Blades for Plywood

Saw blade with sheets of plywood

If you saw plywood often, you know the difference a high-quality saw blade can make in your cutting and ripping applications. A cheap or dull blade will leave you with jagged cuts and uneven edges. On the other hand, the perfect blade can cut through plywood quicker and more efficiently without leaving behind unsightly splinters, frays or kerf tear-out.

Luxite Saw is proud to manufacture durable circular saw blades that can handle the wear and tear of your plywood cutting applications for many projects to come. We offer a range of 10- and 12-inch blades that are precision-engineered to help you do your job to the best of your ability.

Recommended Miter Or Table Saw Blades For Cutting Plywood:


Choosing a top-quality saw blade is essential because the quality of your tools will affect the excellence of your finished projects. You’ll notice a significant difference as you make cleaner cuts and replace your blades less often than ever before.

LUXITE circular saw blades for plywood are crafted in the USA by York Saw & Knife Co, Inc. — one of the oldest and most trusted names in saw blade manufacturing — to meet the growing needs of today’s carpenters and contractors. Our table saw blades are used by contractors and woodworking hobbyists alike. Each 10- and 12-inch blade works with most major saw manufacturers — including Craftsman, DeWalt, Skil, Makita, Milwaukee, Powertec and more — to give you peace of mind in any plywood cutting application, no matter which saw you prefer to use.

Luxite Saw Blade

Which Table Saw Blades Are Best for Plywood Applications?

Most carpenters choose either rip blades or combination blades for their plywood applications. Both can be ideal for cutting plywood, so if you’re not sure which one is best suited for your needs, take a look at some of the differences between the two:

  • Rip blades: Rip blades are ideal for ripping any challenging materials, including plywood. The low tooth count, extra gullet depth and extreme hook angle allow you to cut some of your toughest boards with ease.
  • Combination blades: Combination blades are designed using features of crosscut and rip blades. If you often switch between ripping and crosscutting tasks during a workday, a combination blade can save you from having to change saws throughout your time or purchase multiple blades just to keep working.

Order Your LUXITE Plywood Saw Blades From Luxite Saw

Once you experience the strength, precise cuts and exceptional dimensional control of LUXITE circular saw blades, you’ll never want to go back. These blades are the quality you need to produce the kind of work you’re known for or want to be known for.

Make the switch to Luxite Saw, and enjoy exceptional customer care and low-cost shipping. We hope to give you complete satisfaction in your purchase, and we’ll always strive to do just that. Order your 10- or 12-inch saw blade today, and start enjoying the benefits of your carbide-tipped plywood saw blade, or contact us for more information about any of our products. We’ll gladly answer your questions and help you find the perfect tools for your unique work needs.