YSK President and Family Reach out to Help Rebuild New Orleans

Volunteers in front of a yellow house
Almost 5 years after Hurricane Katrina hit, groups like Rebuild Together New Orleans continue to work to restore homes and communities. This January, YSK President and CEO Mike Pickard joined some two dozen other volunteers an ongoing effort to reach out and rebuild this community.

Almost five years after Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans, communities remain in need of help rebuilding, restoring, and replacing their homes and neighborhoods. Over the past four years, Rebuilding Together New Orleans, Catholic Charities of New Orleans, and the Order of Malta have come together to help their fellow Americans. Over 800 volunteers in 21 week sessions have successfully rebuilt the homes for some 30 plus families.This year the organizations moved into Phase IV, working on neighborhoods in center city near the French Quarter.  YSK President Mike Pickard, his daughter, Amy; his son, Jordan; his Father, Jim (Chairman of YSK); and his Mother, Mary, joined 6 other members of the Lancaster Hospitaller Region of the Order of Malta, Federal Association, USA for one of these work weeks – sessions which will last through May of this year.

The following are some pictures from that week:

We think what all these volunteers are doing is pretty cool. And we’re grateful for their continued, selfless efforts almost half a decade after the storm.

Baseboard being removed
Flooring and baseboard work in the project house.
Saints playoff win parade
Everyone came out to celebrate as the Saints won their final playoff game.
Team in front of yellow house
The project for the week, downtown near the French Quarter
Volunteer photo op! (That’s our Mike Pickard, third from the left)