FollowForever #4: Movers, Shakers, & Great Stuff-Makers

Last week I put together a new list on twitter featuring “People who make the stuff that helps make the stuff we all need.” Simply stated, the list contains manufacturers of components, machinery, systems, bits and pieces that, added together, make the systems that lead to usable, consumable products. I wanted to point out a […]

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Sustainable Manufacturing, P&G Style

Keeping stride with their own commitment to power plants with 30% renewable energy by 2020, P&G constructed the 100m-tall turbine in a single day at the Coevorden Pet Care plant. The turbine is expected to generate some 17% of the energy normally consumed by the plant – enough to power 1500 Dutch households. Then, in the […]

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FollowForever #3: Priceless Publications

The coolest thing about working in a knife factory (besides the knives, of course) is all the great trivia I get to learn about so many different industries.  That said, I really have to manage my time well as I try to keep up with the trends and top news in every arena. Manufacturing, food, […]

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Modern Marvels: Packaging Insight for the People

Friday night’s premier of Modern Marvels: Packaging was so interesting I watched it twice. Yes, it covered a lot about packaging I already knew, but it also presented some great facts and insight I never could have guessed – like how bell peppers were an inspiration for water bottle design. Or how bubble wrap was […]

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FollowForever #2: 4 Manufacturing Must-Follows

In keeping with this week’s manufacturing news spirit, today’s FollowForever goes out to a few more interesting folks tweeting about the industry: @MFGSourcing – Another representative of, @mfgsourcing is ripe with links on the industry, both here and abroad.  Tune in for stats and timely news from trade to textiles. @ShopfloorNAM – Official twitter account for the Association […]

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