The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

“Deciding whether or not to implement a PM program for your slitter or splicer is really simple: Do you want quality or not?” …

There is a great article over on Package Printing on the importance of keeping your slitters & splicers optimized and safe. Actually, slitters and splicers are the subject of example – the writeup is an excellent overview of preventative maintenance programs anyone running machines should consider.

On top of talking about the why and how of implementing an effective program (including the “where” of hiring professional help) – The article makes good mention about machine knives, and how their wear time varies between applications.  On that note, I don’t think I could have said it better myself.

Overall, what the article does best is drive home some major points in support of preventative maintenance:

  1. People get hurt less – Keeping your slitters, splicers, and other machines on a maintenance schedule greatly reduces the chance of injury or accident from faulty equipment.
  2. It makes sense to your wallet – The cost of a preventative maintenance program, is a worthwhile investment at a fraction of the cost associated with machine failure – which really adds up as you consider replacement prices, lost productivity, labor needed to repair, and so on.
  3. It helps ensure consistent, high-quality product – It’s like cars an gas mileage – don’t inflate the tires, don’t clean the intake, don’t change the oil – get poor performance.   To get the best you have to give the best; in this case it’s care and maintenance on your slitting machines.
  4. It extends machine life – The more you pay attention to your machines, the sooner you catch the issues; making it less likely one problem part will damage another. The less damage repair you do, the longer the machine can run a happy, healthy life. Which also makes sense to your wallet.

We all know a poorly maintained machine produces poor, inaccurate,  and sometimes dangerous, results. Seeing the deeper points and reflecting on the REAL cost of machine failure really helps enforce the importance of an appropriate maintenance plan for your slitters, splicers, or whatever machines you run.

Want to know more? Check out the full writeup at package printing for yourself.