Best Trade Shows for Woodworkers

oleson saw at tradeshow

Whether you’re just getting started with woodworking or you’re an experienced professional, if you’re serious about your craft, you never want to stop learning and getting better. Among the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry, network with peers and potential clients and learn about the latest products and supplies is going to trade shows for woodworkers. While there are opportunities to participate in events all year long across the country, the most prominent and most well-known shows provide an immersive experience jam-packed with exhibits, educational seminars, networking, hands-on activities and more.


For those who work in or have a passion for working with wood, walking into a top trade show is like being a kid in one of the most impressive candy stores in the world. You find yourself surrounded by all of the products and technologies you’re interested in as well as like-minded folks who know how to speak your language. The best shows for woodworkers provide a broad range of resources to help you improve your skills and understanding of how to do your job safer, faster and better.

Additional benefits include:

  • Connect with knowledgeable and experienced woodworkers for guidance and mentorship
  • Meet potential contacts for job recruitment and to develop business opportunities
  • Learn new skills and techniques and stay on top of woodworking industry trends
  • Demo a variety of popular tools and stock up on quality supplies


A quick online search will help you zero in on upcoming trade shows for woodworkers in your area. If you’re looking for a top-notch experience, there are a few well-established shows that stand out from the crowd. Prominent trade shows held in the U.S. that offer a host of benefits for presenters and attendees include:

  • IWF – The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) is typically held in August and is one of the leading shows for custom and general woodworking, furniture manufacturing and architectural woodwork.
  • AWFS Fair – Another event held each summer, AWFS Fair is an event with a long history of showcasing a massive selection of woodworking equipment and technology as well as a broad range of tools, materials, technology and components.
  • Popular WoodWorking in America – This annual event from Popular Woodworking Magazine features skill-building classes, a display of products from top toolmakers, networking and the one-and-only Hand Tool Olympics.

At Luxite Saw, we look forward to connecting at trade shows with the woodworkers, craftsman and carpenters who rely on our products to be successful. If you’re looking for the highest-quality carbide-tipped blades for crosscutting and rip cutting and a variety of other tools and accessories, contact us today!