Blade Manufacturing

No matter the industry, you’ll appreciate the value of having high quality cutting tools. Industrial machine knives are indispensable components in your system. They’re used to reduce material size while processing products from paper to pork. While you may know your processes  involving machine knives, please consider the requirements we need to manufacture your knives. […]

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Packaging Industry Trends

Last updated: 1/14/2020 2020 Packaging Industry Trends On a global scale, the packaging industry is an enormous economic generator. Statistics from the well-recognized Smithers Pira organization indicate demand for the world packaging industry will reach $1.05 trillion by 2024. Consumer trends and industry trends for packaging drive this gigantic growth rate. To understand this phenomenon and appreciate where it’s […]

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Benefits of U.S. Manufacturing

When businesses look for a location to manufacture their products, they naturally want a place that will provide them with savings, quality and a fast turnaround time. To this end, they often move their facilities abroad, where labor and production costs tend to be cheaper. However, many of these businesses are unaware of the costs […]

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