Flattening/Tensioning Circular Knives and Saw Blades

Flattening/Tensioning Circular Knives and Saw Blades

After the heat treating and grinding processes, stresses can be revealed within the blade.   At YSK,  we use  proven techniques to ensure that our knives and blades are flat and run true at operation speeds.  To correct flatness, we utilize state of the art Leveling &  Tensioning machines designed and built exclusively for our industry. This equipment assists our Anvil Room Technicians by reducing man hours for the final touch hammering/smithing of blades to insure that all blades meet flatness run-out tolerances.

Our blades are inspected for flatness numerous times throughout the manufacturing processes.  Our technicians are provided specially lighted inspection work areas that reveal any inconsistencies in the body of the blades.  Final corrections are made with special handmade hammers.  Different weights and face grind configurations like Dog Head & Twist are used to bring blades flat. Below is a video of one of our technicians inspecting and smithing a blade.

Utilizing flattening machine

Inspecting the blade for for total indicated run–out.

Final touches were done with precision hammering.


 Over the last month, we have highlighted pieces of our manufacturing process for a behind the scenes look of how we make the knives and blades!   If there are any pieces of the production process you would like us to discuss, please leave us a comment below!