How To Store Saw Blades

storing saw blades

Whether you’re a carpenter, contractor or any other kind of skilled craftsperson who works with a circular saw, chances are good you’re familiar with a shared dilemma: What to do with your blades when they’re not in use. Finding an effective way to store saw blades is an essential part of keeping your tools of the trade in prime condition as well as having a system for working efficiently.

Since the needs of a woodworker vary depending on many factors ranging from the type of jobs you do and how many blades you use to your work environment and atmospheric conditions, there are three primary factors to consider:

  • Convenience: While you likely want to have a safer and more organized method for storing saw blades than just hanging them on a hook in the shop, you want a system that’s easily accessible. You need to be able to identify the blades you require and grab it without much effort, while having a place to put the one you’re swapping out.
  • Function: Circular saw blades can vary significantly by size and dimension. Also, some shops need to store hundreds of blades. Wherever you choose to store blades, it must be able to handle your entire inventory from the smallest to the largest.
  • Protection: Serious woodworkers invest in the highest-quality blades for their saws to ensure premium performance and lasting durability. Blades banging into each other or left open to elements such as dust and moisture can dull and damage your equipment. The ideal storage scenario keeps blades separated and contained for prolonged service life and longer intervals between sharpening.


If you’ve been searching for a better way to store saw blades since you started woodworking or you’re upgrading your workshop and want to customize it to your needs, there’s a variety of methods to choose from. And since you likely have the skills, in many cases you can build a solution with your own two hands from scratch. The following is a list of ideas on how to store saw blades to help get you inspired:

  • Magazine-Style Storage Rack: Essentially a rectangular wooden frame mounted to the wall with slightly slanted individual slots, the magazine-style rack is an excellent choice for storing a smaller collection of high-end saw blades and provides a unique look to your workspace.
  • Slide-Out “CD-Style” Box: Similar to the storage systems we use to keep our Compact Disks in, this type of box completely conceals your saw blades while keeping them organized and accessible.
  • Knife Block: This type of setup is like the wood block you keep your kitchen knives in, only large and robust enough to hold your heavy saw blades.
  • Pull-Out Drawer: Built right into your saw table, a pull-out drawer takes up minimal space and lets you reach for the blades you require without stepping away from your saw.
  • French Cleat Saw Blade Storage: This rack that holds everything from circular saw blades to bandsaw blades is a fun project for any woodworker! Learn how to make this storage rack here and check out the video below!

There are many ways to store saw blades, so you just have to find a method that works best for you. If you’re in the market for the highest-quality USA-made circular saw blades, shop our selection at LUXITE Saw today! We offer 10 and 12” crosscut blades10 and 12” rip saw blades, and 10 and 12” combination blades in our online store!