How to Request a Quote with York Saw & Knife

York Saw and Knife has been a premier manufacturer of top-quality custom saw and knife products since 1906. Some of the nation’s leading companies have placed their trust in our products, and we invite you to try them for yourself. But first, you’ll need to request a quote.

Today we’re here to show you what it means to make a quote, what information you’ll need before requesting and how to make a request.

What Does It Mean to Make a Quote?

When you need a knife or saw for your business, you can’t make do with just any product. Whether you work in the medical field, food processing, textiles or another industry, each application is unique and requires a tailored solution that meets your needs as well as federal and industry regulations.

At York Saw and Knife, our blades are as unique as your business is, and we take your specific applications into account when creating a custom solution. Because each saw and knife is customized, we don’t put rigid price tags on our products — instead, we calculate how much your order will cost when you request a quote before you place your order. When you make your request, we determine your order’s cost based on your design needs to help you make a more informed decision before your purchase.

Requesting a quote with York Saw and Knife is completely free and requires no obligation. You’re not signing a contract guaranteeing that you’ll be ordering our products — you’re merely getting the numbers and prices to place an order if you want to based on your process and goals.

Information Needed to Request a Quote

Ever wanted to submit a request for a quote to us, but weren’t sure what information we needed? Since the majority of our blades are customized, we need specific information from the customer to be sure we manufacture the correct blade. Below is a list of important aspects we would need to know to quote your blade or knife:

  1. Dimensions of the proposed or existing blade. Before we begin, we’ll need the numbers for dimensions specific to the product you’re requesting. For example, with rectangular parts, we require length, width, thickness and a description of the cutting edge. With circular blades, we need outside and inside diameter, thickness and edge description. You can take this information from an existing blade that isn’t getting the job done the way you need it to, or you can request dimensions for a new one that you’d like created.
  2. Process in which the blade/knife will be used. To manufacture your blade to your needs and industry standards, we’ll need to know what the blade is going to come into contact with — such as meat, cotton fabric, paper or cardboard — and what kind of process the blade’s actions will be a part of.
  3. Description of the end product being processed with the help of the blade. Knowing what you’re using your knives or blades for will guide us in creating the best custom solution for your business.
  4. Description of the current blades you use. If possible, include the materials that compose your current blades as something to go off of as we create your new custom blades.
  5. Most important qualities for the blade. Tell us what features are most important to you — such as low cost, longer tool life, shorter lead times or improved cut quality.
  6. Quantity of the quoted blade. Knowing your order quantity is essential in determining the price of your order. All blades are custom-made regardless of quantity, and we do not have minimum quantities for orders.
  7. Images of the blade or process/end product (optional). While this step is optional, it’s helpful for us to have a digital photo, drawing or sample of the blade.

How to Request a Quote

Requesting a quote with York Saw and Knife is both free and simple. Once you have all the information you need for your request, follow these steps to make an RFQ:

  1. Go to our Request a Quote page
  2. Fill in the general information — including name, location, company, email, etc.
  3. Select the blade option you’re looking for. You’re not limited to one option, but we recommend submitting separate quote forms if the orders are not related to the same project or if you add a lot of information for each blade. Limiting the number of orders per request helps keep your quotes organized.
  4. Upload any files you want to include with your proposal, such as images of the old blades, pictures of the final product or assembly process or whatever else you feel would be useful in your blade’s development.
  5. Provide the information mentioned in the “Information Needed” section of this blog post in the box that says “Tell Us More About Your Needs.”

It’s as simple as that. Once we receive your RFQ, we’ll respond as quickly as possible with your free custom quote.

Request a Quote for Your Custom Blade

Are you ready to see the difference a custom knife or saw can make in your business? Request a quote today! For further questions or concerns, call us at 1-800-233-1969 or contact us online.