Shark Tooth Cut-Off Knife

We promised some follow up on the Shark Tooth blade a little while back…

Shark tooth blade

York Saw and Knife recently assisted a major consumer products, pressure-sensitive adhesives and materials producer in creating a new cut-off knife for a Winder/Rewinder machine.

The company developed a new, very tough film that typical knife designs could not cut cleanly and completely, resulting in a shredded, undesirable edge. Aware of York Saw and Knife’s free test cutting a perforating services (of flexible films utilizing a plunge cut with a straight, serrated edge blade), the company contacted York Saw and Knife and we quickly started to tackle the challenge.

York Saw and Knife engineered and constructed a unique, serrated edge knife to accommodate the film. Our client sent us their new, very tough film to begin test cutting. Utilizing the correct combination of materials, sharpness and cutting forces, YSK was able to generate and consistently replicate a clean cut.

Due to its intimidating look and ultra sharp blade, we nicknamed the cut-off knife the Shark Tooth.

Shark tooth blade closeup

We shipped a blade set to the company to use on their new, very tough film in their Winder/Rewinder. The Shark Tooth blade worked magnificently. In fact, the company commented “the cut was so clean that you can see the serrations from the knife very clearly in the cut.” Shortly thereafter, YSK received an order for the Shark Tooth cut-off knife. Another win-win resolution for York Saw and Knife. And our test cutter (Ol’ Cutty)!

***As stated, York Saw and Knife offers free test cutting and perforating of flexible films utilizing a plunge cut with a straight, serrated edge blade. Our applications engineers will test cut or perforate your material on our on-site test cutting equipment. We will return the sample cuts to you, along with a quotation for a knife determined to have the optimum cutting edge for your particular application.

If you are interested in utilizing YSK’s test cutting capabilities, contact York Saw & Knife and get the ball rolling. Learn more about our cutoff knives here!