Test Cutting at YSK Earns an A

YSK recently assisted a University of Illinois student undertaking a senior design project at a major packaging company. The company provided the student a set of parameters and tasked her with developing the “best” blade to cut a new material the company developed. The student read about YSK’s in-house test cutting capabilities and contacted us with her project details.

The student provided YSK her design, dimensions and the company’s test material. We developed a variety of blades to test cut on her material. After a few rounds of testing and development, YSK provided the student with its results and optimum blade recommendation.

We shipped a blade set to the student to utilize with her project and company presentation. She received great marks. YSK received an order for the specific blade. It was a win-win-win resolution.

Watch the video below of the cut!

YSK offers free test cutting and perforating of flexible films utilizing a plunge cut with a straight, serrated edge blade.  Our applications engineers will test cut or perforate your material on our on-site test cutting equipment. We will return the sample cuts to you, along with a quotation for a knife determined to have the optimum cutting edge for your particular application.

If you are interested in utilizing YSK’s test cutting capabilities, contact us online to get the ball rolling.