Tips for Beginner Woodworkers

tips for woodworkers

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to work with wood and are finally ready to take the plunge, congratulations! You’re about to get to know one of the world’s oldest and most fulfilling pastimes. It’s likely you’re excited to get started working on your first project.

However, a measured approach to learning the craft will lead to greater success and enjoyment down the road. While power tools, carbide-tipped saw blades and other modern equipment make life in the shop a whole lot easier, when it comes to woodworking, there’s no replacement for genuine knowledge and old-fashioned experience.


The following woodworking tips for beginners will set you up for success while saving you a lot of time, money and frustration:

  • Take a course – Yes, there are lots of YouTube videos out there that demonstrate specific woodworking techniques and also some excellent books available on the subject. But if you want to build a strong foundation as a woodworker, taking a class is the way to go. A good teacher will cover everything from the tools and equipment you’ll need to how to choose materials and execute precision cuts.
  • Join the community – Woodworking is a passion shared by millions of people around the world. From hanging around the hardware shop and lumberyard to joining online groups and reading popular blogs, there’s an entire culture and community out there for you to engage with and learn from. Woodworkers are known to be incredibly generous with their knowledge and information. The only wrong question you have is the one you fail to ask.
  • Invest in quality equipment – Like taking up any new hobby or skill, it’s wise not to jump in and buy every product on the market before you’re sure it’s right for you. Start small by choosing affordable hand tools and versatile saw blades as you slowly build your arsenal of workshop essentials. It’s tempting to buy the lowest-priced equipment on the market when you’re just getting started, but spending a little more on a superior machine or saw blade will help you become a better woodworker and ultimately save you money in the long run.
  • Take it one step at a time – A woodworking tip for beginners you always hear is to start by practicing with scrap. Choose simple projects you can realistically complete, working your way into more challenging tasks as you build up your skill and confidence. An accomplished woodworker never stops pushing to achieve more intricate and impressive creations.

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