What Tools Are Needed to Build a Cabin

building a log cabin

For many craftsmen and woodworkers, building a cabin is a lifelong dream and the ultimate personal project. It’s the chance to put all the skill and techniques you’ve learned into action to build something special that will provide warmth and comfort to your family and friends for generations. If you’re thinking of taking on this exciting challenge, the following is your list of essential tools for cabin building.


Before you drive off to the woods to build a cabin, though, don’t leave home without anything on this list!

  • Small tools and accessories – When you’re working at a remote construction site, it’s difficult and time-consuming to have to run back home for something you simply overlooked. Stock your toolbox with everything you require to complete each step of the project. Essentials include hammers, electrical tape, measuring tape, a shovel, a writing utensil, a level, a straight bar, a speed square pliers and a bright flashlight. Also remember to pack your drill, drill bits, nails, screws and any other required hardware.
  • Hand tools – There are a lot of small and large tasks you’ll need to execute to make throughout a cabin project. You may even find yourself having to harvest your materials on the fly. Make sure you have the sharp edges in your arsenal to handle every job, including a utility knife, ax, handsaw, hacksaw and metal shears.
  • Power tools – Power tools top the list of the most critical cabin building tools. We’re talking about working with a lot of lumber — from the roof and the walls, to the floors and the foundation. Remember to make sure the blades for your power saws are cleaned and sharpened and that you have the right blades for crosscutting and ripper cutting applications. Essential cabin building power tools include a cordless drill, electric screwdriver, jigsaw and circular saw. If you are building your cabin out of logs, a chainsaw will save you a lot of time, but if you like the challenge, an axe will do the trick.
  • Power systems – If you’re using power tools, you will need to supply a reliable power source if there isn’t one readily available on-site. Make sure to test your portable generator before you start your project to ensure you have the juice required to power your operation. Additional power systems to consider for your cabin-building project include hanging lights or a light tower for working at night and heaters and cooling systems for climate control.

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