Where to Find Free Woodworking Plans

free woodworking plans

Being a passionate woodworker is a lot like being an avid reader diving into a stack of good books. You might have a massive pile of woodworking plans you want to attempt but have no idea how you’ll ever get through them all, and before you know it you’re all out and ready for more. If this sounds like you, you’re likely wondering where to find free woodworking plans for projects that fit your skill level and light up your interest. Luckily, the internet is loaded with valuable resources for free woodworking plans. You just need to know where to look.

Find Free Wood Working Plans:

  • Ana White: This popular blog from Alaskan woodworker Ana White offers an array of plans for DIY home furniture. In addition to beautiful wood beds, rustic tables and outdoor furnishings designed by Ana or submitted by users, you’ll also find free woodworking plans for tiny houses, cabins and other more substantial projects.
  • Fine Woodworking: This well-known website and magazine is a go-to source for tips, how-tos, tools and materials, as well as free woodworking projects. There is a wide range of plans, from things to do with the kids and simple projects up to beautifully crafted custom furniture.
  • The Balance Everyday: Designed for beginners up to experts, The Balance Everyday offers detailed plans as well as helpful advice on topics such as where to find free and low-cost building materials. While it posts a lot of ideas for interior furnishings, this one is an excellent place to start if you’re searching for a fun outdoor project, as it has many to choose from.
  • Woodsmith Shop: A spinoff of the woodworking TV show, Woodsmith Shop lists all its how-to episodes on-site and available for download. Woodworking plans include step-by-step instructions, shop-tested tips and techniques, and full-color photos and illustrations.
  • Cut the Wood: For DIY inspiration, visit Cut the Wood, which is home to a carefully curated list of free woodworking plans. There may not be as many as some of the other sources out there, but what you lose in quantity you more than make up for in quality.
  • Her Tool Belt: Here’s a blog to find free woodworking plans with a women’s touch. The site includes posts for stylish farmhouse-inspired tables and house frame beds, but it also specializes in creative smaller projects such as a customized welcome sign, rolling gift wrap organizer and other clever items.
  • Free WW (Free Woodworking Plans): Whether you’re looking for ideas for the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room and outdoors — or kid’s plans and small crafts — this is the place. Free WW offers a massive listing of free plans for woodworking searchable in alphabetical order or by popular category.

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