What happens next? Heat Treating

What happens next? Heat Treating

In the last post, we highlighted the laser cutting part of our manufacturing process. This week we are giving you a behind the scenes look at the next step of the manufacturing process, heat treating.  The heat treating process takes place in three steps. This ensures the material is at its best for our customers.

The first step in the heat treat process is the hardening of the metal.  In this step, the iron-base alloys are  through heated to 1750 Degree F.

Next, the steel is quenched .  It is during the quenching process where the steel is rapidly cooled that transformation of the molecular structure initiates and the steel reaches the “As Quenched Maximum Hardness”.  After the quench hardening step, material form is a fine, needle-like grain structure, although full transformation does not occur until ambient temperature is met.

The third and final step is annealing or/Tempering where blades are brought to a temperature between 300- 1100 Degree f for long soak period of 4 hrs or more.  It is during the tempering process that the steel is brought down from the highest hardness to the proper hardness for optimum performance..  Annealing the metal removes the stresses and induces ductility for durable results .  The annealing/tempering process is a 1-3 cycle process depending on the chemistry of the steel.

A proper heat treating process provides the best material condition so that knives perform to the highest potential.

Heat Treat 1

Heat Treat 2

Over the next few months we will highlight pieces of our manufacturing process.  If there are any pieces of the production process you would like us to discuss, please leave us a comment below!