What Types of Blades Can You Use With a Miter Saw?


Miter saws operate best when they have a blade with a high tooth count. We’ll look at the best options here:

  1. Crosscut blade: Whereas a table saw can handle both crosscutting and ripping, a miter saw is inarguably suited to crosscutting. That’s why you should look for a blade with a high tooth count and smaller gullets. A negative hook angle is also useful, as the blade will ease into the wood more gracefully.
  2. Combination blade: Though you probably won’t be ripping with a miter saw, you still may be cutting through some material that isn’t pure lumber. Whether it’s plywood, particle board or something else, a combination blade can be the answer to hacking through it while still making clean cuts on your lumber.
  3. Carbide-tipped miter saw blades: As with a table saw, it pays to get carbide-tipped blades for your miter saw. Miter saws lend themselves to precision work, and carbide tips chew through even the densest hardwood with ease.

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