C or V-Tooth Depends on Application, Preferences

We see a lot of confusion out of the foam production, plastics, film, packaging and food processing industries regarding usage of V-Tooth and C-Tooth knife blades.

While the C-Tooth blade is very similar to the V-Tooth, it delivers some clear-cut advantages. The C-Tooth is designed to point the blade teeth into the material, cutting more aggressively into the product. The C-Tooth allows for cutting denser and more difficult to cut materials. In addition, the C-Tooth leaves a smooth and sharp finish for an aggressive blade.

The C-Tooth can supplement the V-Tooth in certain applications.

The C-Tooth blade is ideal for:

The V-Tooth blades provide a smooth and sharp cut, but are less aggressive and designed for less dense materials. Predominantly utilized in the foam production industry, the V-Tooth can also be used in food processing, slicing softer food products.

The V-Tooth blade is ideal for: