Saw Blade Installation: Which Way Should the Teeth Point on My Saw?

When you’re changing the blade on your industrial saw, you’ll likely notice an arrow that indicates the tool’s rotation. It’s crucial to note this to ensure that the blade’s teeth are pointing in the proper direction. Incorrect installation can damage the wood and increase the risk of injury to the operator. On most power saws, the teeth should be pointed to enable a downward cut on the board so that the blade can slice through the wood cleanly.

Which Ways Should the Teeth Point?

The type of saw you’re using typically indicates the appropriate direction of the teeth:

  • Miter saw: This cutting tool mimics a hand saw, making it ideal for performing trim work and jobs that require precise measurements. A miter saw blade rotates in a clockwise direction. When installing a new blade, make sure the teeth are pointing downward to enable a clean cut through the workpiece. Upward-facing teeth can cause a severe injury to the operator.
  • Table saw: Table saws are typically the best choice for making rip cuts or when preparing a large volume of identically sized pieces. A challenge when determining the right direction for table saw teeth is that the saw conceals most of the blade, making it hard to see the teeth. Like miter saws, table saw blades rotate clockwise, meaning the teeth should be pointing down.
  • Circular saw: Circular saws are the most commonly used power saw. They can accommodate a variety of blades for cutting wood and other materials such as masonry, plastic and metal. The proper direction of the blade’s teeth depends on the type and model of the saw. Be sure to check the arrows on the blade to determine the rotation.
  • Hand saw: If you’re using a non-motorized hand saw for cutting wood, the blade’s teeth should always point in a downward direction.

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